I have a 5 year old laptop with very low specs. The ribbon on the right edge — which is plastic — had been already crushed. The letter A on the keyboard is not reflecting as well. With this type of laptop you have to use it with patience. A lot of patience.

It was the device I used for college to do my programming projects, documentations and presentations.

Given that its almost a throwable tool because of the lack of functionality and speed, it will always be better than to have my phone do all the work.

When I was in my first year of college, and we had C language as a course subject, all the homework activities — doing inputs and outputs — I had my phone to develop those using an android app. To document it, there was this mobile office suite application as well that handles all my documentations to collate the screenshots of my developed programs on the other app.

My laptop came at the second semester of sophomore year. It felt like I was saved by the gods. My college salvation.

This old laggy device was gave me my time to explore the worldwide web and the medium on how one could approach it.

I learned troubleshooting, formatting my operating system, touchy pickle the small configurations of windows. A whole new exploration with Linux through Ubuntu. Just a whole lot of configs that would kill my time.

When I knew that I can customize how Windows looks, I felt like I’m a god or mere superior to most man. It’s weird and condescending, but somehow I felt like I had a place in my life where I can be sure in what to do.

Then comes Linux, a whole new world of configurations. I like how much I can fiddle with it even though I’m still tip-toeing on all the steps. Basically I just like killing time without thinking too much about my thoughts. I even used to write on our old PC; probably 10-15 years ago. I even thought I was going to be a writer.

I have fun with technologies. I break them, and I solely look for solutions with the help of the internet as well. I hardly play games on it, for the reason that one, I was not particularly hyped about it. Two, any of my laptops can’t handle that much RAM and processing.

Ever since then, I dreamed to buy myself a Macintosh because I’m a sucker for a good interface and for one, because I can’t afford it yet.

I like waiting for downloads sometimes cause I give myself the idle time to write, just like this. I’ve decided to use lubuntu as my new operating system as it is advertised to be fast for low end computing systems, and I plan to write on there. I thought of coding/programming as well but sometimes it can scrath the surface and over use more of what I have; hence, I want to focus on writing.

I’m not sure where this article went. But I’m giving myself the freedom to just express whatever goes on my mind, instead of not letting anything our becauss it’s a mess.

I owe myself the liberty to just be,

So I will accept that the structure I will follow is the opposite of itself.

I will let myself be.

Just let it be.